Bana Tchanilé

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Bana Tchanilé
Teams managed
Years Team
2000–2002 Togo

Bana Tchanilé is a former football coach, he has been in charge of the Togo national football team on at least two occasions, in 2000 and in 2004.

On 7 September 2010, Togo allegedly played Bahrain in a friendly losing the match 3–0. However, on 14 September, the Togo FA claimed that a fake team had played against Bahrain. Togo's Sport Minister Christophe Tchao said to the Jeune Afrique magazine that nobody in Togo had "ever been informed of such a game".[1] On 20 September 2010, it was revealed that Tchanilé was the culprit and the Togo FA have given him a three-year ban in addition to the two-year ban he got in July 2010 for taking Togo players to play a tournament in Egypt.[2] The match fixing has been linked to Wilson Raj Perumal and the Singaporean match-fixing syndicate allegedly run by Tan Seet Eng.[3]

He is the older brother of Tchakala Tchanilé.


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