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Helltrain is a Swedish death 'n' roll band formed in Luleå in 2002 by vocalist and bassist Pierre Törnkvist. The current line-up consists of Oskar Karlsson (drums), Pierre Törnkvist (vocals), Patrik Törnkvist (guitars, organ, piano), Mikael Sandorf (guitars) and Mats Järnil (bass). Mikael and Mats joined Helltrain after their original band The Duskfall disbanded in 2008. Helltrain has released 1 EP, "The 666 EP" and 3 studio albums, "Route 666", "Rock n' Roll Devil", and "Death is Coming" to date. The EP and all three albums are available for free download from their website.


Formation and The 666 EP (2002-2003)[edit]

In 2002, Helltrain recorded three songs, "Route 666", "Rot n' roll" and Helltrain", for a demo. They sent this demo to the record label Nuclear Blast. The demo was later released as "The 666 EP" (limited edition 500 copies) by Swedish underground label Heathendoom Music.

Route 666 (2004-2006)[edit]

Late 2006 saw the US release of the “Route 666” album by the Jimmy Franks Recording Company/Universal Records. In 2007, the band quit Nuclear Blast and signed to Jimmy Franks Recording Company.

Rock n' Roll Devil (2007-2012)[edit]

Helltrain's second full length album, "Rock n' Roll Devil", was released September 9, 2008.

Death Is Coming (2012-present)[edit]

Helltrain´s third full length album, "Death is Coming", was released in May 2012. Available as free digital download on the Helltrain homepage, a CD version, and a limited vinyl LP version.

Drummer Oskar Karlsson died in March 2016.[1]


  • The 666 EP (2003)
  • Route 666 (2006)
  • Rock n' Roll Devil (2008)
  • Death Is Сoming (2012)
  • TBA (2018)


  • Pierre Törnkvist – vocals
  • Patrik Törnkvist – guitars, keyboards
  • Mikael Sandorf – guitars
  • Fredrik Andersson - drums

Former Members[edit]

  • Mats Järnil – bass
  • Oskar Karlsson – drums


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