Podlaskie Regional Assembly

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Podlaskie Regional Assembly

Polish: Sejmik Województwa Podlaskiego
Coat of arms or logo
HousesRegional Assembly
(sejmik wojewódzki)
Bogusław Dębski, PiS
Marek Komorowski, Łukasz Siekierko, Cezary Cieślukowski
Artur Kosicki, PiS
Seats30 councilors
(Polish: radnych)
Poland Podlaskie Parliament 2018.svg
Political groups
Executive board
  •      PiS (16)

Opposition parties

  •      KO (9)
  •      PSL (5)
Last election
21 October 2018
Meeting place
Marshal's Office, Białystok
Podlaskie Regional Assembly

The Podlaskie Regional Assembly (Polish: Sejmik Województwa Podlaskiego) is the regional legislature of the Voivodeship of Podlaskie. It is a unicameral parliamentary body consisting of thirty councillors elected to a five-year term. The current chairperson of the assembly is Bogusław Dębski (PiS).

The assembly elects the executive board that acts as the collective executive for the regional government, headed by the province's marshal. The current Executive Board of Podlaskie is held by the Law and Justice party with Artur Kosicki (PiS) presiding as marshal[1].

The Regional Assembly meets in the Marshal's Office in Białystok.


Members of the Assembly are elected from five districts, serve five-year terms. The districts do not have formal names, instead each constituency has a number and territorial description.

Number Seats City counties Land counties
1 7 Białystok None
2 5 Suwałki Augustów, Sejny, Suwałki
3 5 Łomża Grajewo, Kolno, Łomża
4 5 None Bielsk, Siemiatycze, Wysokie Mazowieckie, Zambrów
5 8 None Białystok, Hajnówka, Mońki, Sokółka

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